Selected Awards

Honorable Mention – INFORMS ICS Prize (2023). Link.
    Received for a body of work on sparse learning.

Best Student Paper Award – SIGKDD (2022). Link.
    Received as an advisor to the student first author.
    Paper: Flexible Modeling and Multitask Learning using Differentiable Tree Ensembles

Young Researchers Prize – INFORMS Optimization Society (2020). Citation. Link.
    Received “for an outstanding paper in optimization”.
    Paper: Fast Best Subset Selection: Coordinate Descent and Local Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms

Best Paper Award – MIT Operations Research Center (2020).
    Paper: Sparse Regression at Scale: Branch-and-Bound rooted in First-Order Optimization

Honorable Mention – INFORMS Computing Society (2020). Link.

Honorable Mention – Mixed Integer Programming Workshop (2019).